Tuesday, 16 October 2012

More progress

 There is precious little time for blogging, but I wanted to put up a few photos. The Farmer's Wife quilt top is finished...I think. I may widen the sides still, but I have until the backing fabric arrives before I commit to that. (Pay no mind to the religious icon hanging near the bed - I loved it when I bought it in Greece...but next to the bed it just doesn't belong - husbands joke!)

 In the meantime, I'm making a row of extra blocks, possibly to piece onto the back...another "we'll see!"
When this project is over, I will resume a few others, already lined up in the queue. There are random quilt blocks I've made out of curiosity, an unfinished table runner for my grandma, a hand-quilted pillow top I'm making from Hungarian fabric, and that gorgeous feather block you see in the center. The feather is a pattern from Anna Maria Horner that reminds me of something from Anthropologie- I'm thinking wall-hanging. Sewing is the perfect respite from all things stressful - namely, the environmental law class I'm taking!

More to follow soon!

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