Friday, 7 May 2010

Second Post!

On Sewing

I started sewing over a year ago, inspired by a working mother (a busy lawyer, in fact). She sews for her two children in the tiny amount of free time she has once the kids are in bed. I thought to myself, If this woman can put together these beautiful things for her kids, with even less time than I have, sure I can try, right? So I bought a sewing machine and began sewing scraps of my husband's old shirts. Just after getting my machine, I met a passionate quilter who went overboard in lending me all kinds of her expensive materials and giving me free lessons. I had no intention to ever sew a quilt, because for me, quilt piecing was too far into the domain of domesticity and I thought I was entrenched enough as it was. Long story short, one year later I've sewn five quilts (!) and dozens and dozens of other projects - from clothes, to accessories, to homewares. I'm a devoted student and once I get going there's no stopping me.

I adore sewing for my little girl. I love sewing for my nieces and nephews. My friends can count on handmade gifts. And now I sew for my shops on etsy and folksy!

As it turns out, we're all busy, but we make time for the things we love.

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